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  • Chef Instructor – We will teach you all ins and outs of teaching a group of people in an intimate setting. Learn set up, discussion techniques, how to be engaging. 
  • Caterer — The art of catering involves planning and patience. 
  • Personal Chef —The world of the Personal Chef involves more than just cooking. Learn the art of selling, menu planning, working outside of a professional kitchen, working with clients.
  • Business Ownership —Learn the basics of business management.
  • Business Marketing (Social Media/Communications)—Every business requires a great message and a great marketing plan for sharing that message. We will teach you how. 
  • Food Photographer—This class is taught by professional photographers who will discuss lighting, food styling and more. 
  • Food Critic—You love food so much everyone turns to you for the best wine, best restaurants, latest trends. How can you turn this into becoming a reputable food critic?
  • Food Blogger–Local, published and popular Food Bloggers who have a large following and are making money doing what they love.
  • Food Vlogger/Cooking Show

We designed this program with career professionals in mind and those who are passionate about changing their career focus.  It’s perfect for those in food service, or anyone who wants more freedom and more passion from their career, but don’t have the time or money to attend an expensive two or four-year culinary school program. 

Why Choose Cookology

​Externship program

We have built relationships with many reputable restaurant kitchens. If you desire an externship, we will provide the opportunity for a 24-week externship with one of our partners. The Cookology pro externship program is not mandatory for Certificate of Completion. There will be opportunities in-house for those who wish to pursue a Chef Instructor practical study program.


Our Chef Instructors are official Proctors for the NRAEF’s Foundation Exam Certification & ServSafe Exam Certification. Our curriculum covers all elements necessary to pass and receive these Certificates, in addition to your Certificate of Completion from Cookology. However, you are not required to sit for the NRAEF or ServSafe Exam to complete our course. Having a certificate is up to you. In order to gain a certificate of completion from Cookology you must complete your practical exam which is a one night chef’s table dinner for your friends and family.

Our program costs 50% less per hour, per person than all other culinary school programs in the country, AND we offer 40% more time spent in actual hands-on, in-the-kitchen, cooking instruction.

​Small class sizes

Small classes are important to us essential for individual attention, creativity and exploration into the history and culture of food, and world cuisines. Most schools will lecture about multiple techniques, then relegate students to hands on practice for only one of the techniques covered, leaving gaps in your training, or forcing you to learn the technique on your own time.

Practical Study Classes

Not only will you gain a strong technical foundation in cooking, but our training goes beyond the technical and into the heart and soul of the ART of cooking. With our Professional Program, you can expand your dreams to include learning more about these food industry practical study classes. Each category will consist of two weeks’ worth of instruction, and will be taught by industry professionals. These classes are offered separately from the core culinary program instruction and cost an additional fee.​

The Cookology Professional Culinary Program consists of over 420 hours of hands-on cooking in our commercial kitchen spanning 12 or 24 weeks.

Most schools will lecture about multiple techniques, then relegate students to stations to for only one of the techniques covered, leaving gaps in your education, or forcing you to learn the technique on your own time. Cookology is different! Every student experiences hands on practice in every technique.