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Chef Instructor

We will teach you all ins and outs of teaching a group of people in an intimate setting. Learn set up, discussion techniques, how to be engaging. 


The art of catering involves planning and patience. 

Personal Chef

The world of the Personal Chef involves more than just cooking. Learn the art of selling, menu planning, working outside of a professional kitchen, working with clients.

Business Ownership

Learn the basics of business management.

Business Marketing (Social Media/Communications)

Every business requires a great message and a great marketing plan for sharing that message.  We will teach you how. 

Food Photographer

This class is taught by professional photographers who will discuss lighting, food styling and more. 

Food Critic

You love food so much everyone turns to you for the best wine, best restaurants, latest trends. How can you turn this into becoming a reputable food critic?

Food Blogger

Local, published and popular Food Bloggers who have a large following and are making money doing what they love will teach Lectures.​ 

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Following Foundations Textbook and NRAEF Proctor

The National Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation (NRAEF) has created a professional culinary program that Cookology will be following throughout the program. 

You have the option of taking the exam, and the practical exam; by doing so and passing both exams, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from both NRAEF and the chef instructors of the Cookology Professional Culinary School.  

Week 1: Knife Skills/Breakfast/Meats/Condiments
Week 2: Nutrition & Serv Safe Instruction
Week 3: Stocks, Soups and Sauces 
Week 4: Salads: Fruits/Vegetables, Sustainability, Farming
Week 5: Meat: Butchery, Identification, Demonstration
Week 6: Continuation of Meats & Seafood 
Week 7: Starches: Potatoes, Pasta, Rice, Grains 
Week 8: Intro to Baking & Pastry, Flours, Gluten Free 
Week 9: Asia, Africa, Middle East
Week 10: Europe 
Week 11: Central and South Americas 
Week 12: Wine /Spirits I
Week 13: OPTIONAL: NRAEF Proctored Exam and or 
Cookology Final Practical Exam 

More Culinary Training 

To round out your cooking education, we recommend that you continue with these cooking classes, offered three days per week, 6 hours per day. You can take one week or all twelve weeks. 

These classes can be taken by the novice cook who wants a more comprehensive culinary education. 

  • Wine/Spirits II
  • French Cuisine Comprehensive
  • Baking & Pastry Comprehensive
  • Fresh Cheese & Bread Comprehensive
  • Asian Culinary Comprehensive
  • Plant-Based/Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking  
  • Middle Eastern Comprehensive
  • North American Culinary
  • Regional India
  • Regional France with Wine
  • Regional Middle East
  • French Baking & Pastry

Practical Study Classes 

Our goal with our practical study classes is to create a well-rounded, well-educated passionate and professional culinarian. 

As a chef you are able to pull together a paycheck or multiple paychecks by wearing different culinary hats. You don’t have to stay in one place, if you don’t want to. 

This also gives you the flexibility to travel around the world working as a private chef or instructor for a local culinary school. 

Not only will you gain a strong technical foundation in cooking, but our training goes beyond the technical and into the heart and soul of the ART of cooking. With our Professional Program, you can expand your dreams to include learning more about these food industry practical study classes. Each category will consist of two weeks’ worth of instruction, and will be taught by industry professionals. 

Cookology Professional Curriculum